Deeper Dive Episode 8: Indoor Ag: What Can Be Contained, Can Be Sustained

Larta Institute
September 2, 2021

Ideas, Energized: Deeper Dive Series

Presented by Larta and OCP North America
Hosted by Rodger Wasson of Farm to Table Talk

Episode 8 of Deeper Dive features Nicola Kerslake, Founder of Contain Inc. She joins Rodger to discuss the innovations and solutions that indoor ag can provide for our food supply chain and farming footprint. 

Themes: indoor agtech, investment trends, supply chain & farming footprint solutions, robotics,

Subthemes: AI, opportunities and insight for innovators

Deeper Dive is a monthly limited series that will focus on the innovators and issues that are redefining global agriculture. Larta Institute has assisted and transformed over 6,000 early-stage innovations, working with entrepreneurs to help them achieve measurable goals and access specialized expertise through a unique network of industry experts and award-winning commercialization programs.  Larta also hosts the annual Ag Innovation Showcase, bringing together innovators, investors, and industry leaders  to  address today’s most pressing agriculture issues and to develop tomorrow’s solutions. Learn more by visiting or, and don’t forget to subscribe to Ideas, Energized for updates and new episodes.