How Larta Companies Responded to the Pandemic in 2020

Larta Insitute
December 1, 2020

COVID-19 has shaped this year to be one of the most challenging in our lifetime. A grueling pandemic took the world by storm and forced everyone to retreat home and stay in place until further notice. While cases have fluctuated throughout the year and control of the virus is proving to be a challenge, our companies have devoted their time, work, and efforts to assist with the fight against COVID-19 at every corner they can. From protection for frontline workers to treatment for COVID-19, our companies proved to be diligent this year and activated more than ever to support. Here are the ways in which our companies responded to the pandemic in 2020.

COVID-19 Rapid Test

Overcrowded hospitals and testing sites became the norm for a significant amount of time during the pandemic after an influx of COVID-19 cases. Rapid testing and diagnosis for patients became just as crucial as the care for infected patients. Larta companies including Mirimus, IncDiagnostics for the Real WorldOceanit LaboratoriesRecursion PharmaceuticalsAldatu BiosciencesNirmidas Biotech, and GODX Inc all developed rapid tests in an effort to test for and detect COVID-19. The speedy method helped relieve the volume of crowds at health institutions, creating better conditions for the care of infected patients. Diagnostics for the Real World’s ‘Samba II’ test proved efficient for testing among patients: “Samba Two has been described as a game-changer as it can provide a result to a coronavirus test in less than 90 minutes – instead of the 24-48 hours tests currently take.”

COVID-19 Treatment Research and Development

With the intensification of COVID-19 spreading at a rapid rate across the country, studying the virus became a crucial element in the response to the virus. Understanding the properties and contagion of COVID-19 became the work of many biotech and health entities including Larta companies BioInfoExperts (BIE)Aerosol Devices IncKaryopharm Therapeutics, and InnovaPrep. Each of them has contributed to the research and development of COVID-19 origin and treatment. “Together, our teams are utilizing high-throughput technology and advanced analytics that will enable us to better understand and treat COVID-19.” -Susanna Lamers, CEO of BIE. Larta company InnovaPrep LLC’s ‘Concentrating Pipette’ saw an increase in demand for its use in wastewater-based epidemiology — finding SARS in sewers. “This work has required us to do a lot of internal research and development to help develop methods to concentrate viruses from wastewater for labs working in this field — since it hadn’t been done before using modern methods.” -Dave Alburty, InnovaPrep CEO.

Mask Production and Distribution for the Frontline

As the pandemic persisted with no signs of slowing down, it became more important than ever to arm the frontline workers with as many masks and resources as possible. Several Larta companies showed up to help with the development and distribution of N95 masks for the frontlines. Larta companies eWind Solutions, Inc.ADVANCED ENERGY MATERIALS, LLCBonbouton, and Actuated Medical Inc all devoted their efforts to providing N-95 masks and/or face shields to frontline workers at the heaviest onset of COVID-19. “We’re proud to manufacture our face shields right here in Pennsylvania with US-sourced materials and have been able to expand our products to include hard hat face shields, kid-sized face shields, and football helmet shields.” -Maureen L. Mulvihill, Ph.D., President & CEO of Actuated Medical.

We thank all of our companies for their persistence and perseverance in the fight against COVID-19 and for working tirelessly to heal the world. For continued updates on our companies contributing to the response to the pandemic, subscribe to Ideas, Energized.