Mental Health in a Post-COVID World, Part 1

Larta Institute
September 7, 2021

Ideas, Energized: Mental Health in a Post-COVID World

Presented by Larta Institute
Hosted by Rohit Shukla and Gunjan Siroya

Hosted by Rohit Shukla, Founder and CEO, Larta Institute

Co-Hosted by Gunjan Siroya, Principal Advisor, Larta Institute

As we near the end of 2021, we look back on a year that is unlike any other that we have experienced where our home, work and social lives have converged in a way that is unlike any other. Larta Institute’s mission is to foster sciences and technology innovation for a sustainable planet. Bringing awareness to mental health and wellness is a commitment that we make to not only to our staff, partners, or companies we work with, but to you, our followers, as well.

We produced this mental health podcast mini-series focused on suicide as we explore the continued prevalence of suicide in the post-COVID era, disparities in treatment, and new digital technologies geared towards personalized treatment and intervention.

In this podcast, you will hear from Dr. Paul Goering, former VP of Allina Health’s Mental Health and Addictions Services; Kelechi Ubozoh, a mental health consultant, author and advocate; and Dr. Kelly Koerner, CEO of Jaspr Health and Larta Institute alumni company.

The following podcast contains sensitive and potentially triggering topics, including suicide. Listener discretion is advised. 

Themes: Mental Health, Healthcare, and Suicide Prevention